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Chef / Cook


Prac. ponúk Gastronomy

We are looking for experienced chefs / cooks for jobs in Norway. Experiences from abroad, especially from Scandinavia are preferred.

We offer:

– Monthly salary from 3000 EUR/Gross
– Travel allowance
– Working week: min 37,5 hours + overtimes
– Salary every 2 weeks
– Overtimes paid extra (usually 1,5x)
– Work contract for unlimited period (trial period 3 months)
– Work clothes and tools are provided by the employer
– Accommodation is provided by the employer (approx. 250 EUR for 2 weeks)
– Help with registrations and bank accounts

-Good knowledge of English language
-Minimum 3 years of experience in last years
-Education/qualification certificate
-Good health status
-Willing to work abroad for longer time

Information about the interview procedure:
In case of interest please send us the following:
* Detailed CV in English language
* Photo (ideally from work)
* Reference letters from your previous employers for the last years (It’s very important that you can document at least 3 years of experience with written references if you studied as a Chef/Cook. If you don’t have a Cooking school you need to document at least 5 years of experience with written references.

You can contact us by email: info@dkr.sk by phone on +421 911 279 723, +421 910 901 936.
You can also follow us on facebook: DK Recruitment Services

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Unlimited contract 3000€ Month

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