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Be a part of the future in Tesla

Currently ecology has a very strong position in the world and it’s the same in the automotive industry. There is a high demand for electric vehicles and hybrids. One of the most important electric car manufacturers is Tesla. The name of these electric cars comes from the famous physicist Nikola Tesla. The company is manufacturing and developing electro vehicles which are becoming more and more popular not just because the cars are very environmental friendly.

The Tesla cars have beautiful design and they use the latest technologies.
However Tesla is not a traditional hundred-year-old car manufacturer but the standards have been set very high. Tesla cars offer a stable chassis, mechanical perfection and a driving range of 440 KM per single charge.

Manufacturing electric cars are offering us an interesting alternative and it can be a future of automobile industry.
Our company offers you to be a part of this future. Currently, we are looking for car mechanics who are interested to work in Norway for Tesla and became a part of the most advanced production of electro mobiles. In case of interest please see the full job description here.


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